The Beauty and the Beast Reading Chamber

First... The "bad news"

After many years, the fan fiction archive has gobbled up the entire 20 mb of free space available from Tripod. Despite slow times and a fandom that sometimes appears to be shrinking, NEW fans are finding B& B websites and joining fandom all the time. And best of all, they are writing stories. In addition, old gems continue to trickle in for posting for post-fanzine fans to read.

This means renovations are in order. Which means Mouse might play with explosives again.... uh oh!


Which brings us to the good news:

I found a server that sells web space for a very reasonable price... VERY reasonable, even to a tightwad like me. And so the Reading Chamber AND the Qfer are moving to a new site that has no advertisements! We now have 300 mb of space that is crying to be filled with fan fiction and fanzine listings.





Please do three things:

1. Update your bookmarks and links from any webpages you manage.

2. Pester some friends to get their old stories submitted to the archive

3. Send in Qfer updates as you read old zines. This is the primary way in which we get information about errors or omissions in the Qfer.